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Hearing Aids

Experience rich, clear sound from a high-quality discreet, rechargeable, feature-rich Beltone hearing aid. Get your free hearing screening today!

What Are the Benefits of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids can improve your quality of life and help you reconnect with those around you. According to a study by Harvard University, being socially connected with friends, family and the community helps people live longer, happier and healthier lives. Other benefits include:

  • Slow or stop hearing loss
  • Maintain independence
  • Easily participate in conversations anywhere, including restaurants, outside or at work
  • Stay safer while traveling, particularly when using public transit or driving
  • Preserve and strengthen relationships with friends and family
  • Relieve isolation and feelings of loneliness
  • Stay connected and competitive in the workplace

Thanks to today’s technology, quality hearing aids like those from Beltone of Kansas even allow you to listen to music, calls and videos streamed directly from your smartphone or other devices. High-quality Beltone hearing aids are discreet, comfortable, easy to use and can be updated remotely from wherever you are. Although hearing loss can begin as early as your 30s or 40s, we recommend having your hearing checked every year starting at age 55.

After a free hearing assessment at your local Beltone of Kansas store, we’ll help you select the hearing aid that’s right for you.

Hearing aids sync with phones as well.

Financing Options Available

Did you know that Beltone offers financing?

  • - Low monthly payments from $57 a month
  • - 12 & 18 months same as cash options
  • - Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express
  • - CareCredit customers are welcome

Beltone Hearing Aid Styles

Beltone hearing aids are wireless, digital and available in seven different styles. They provide superior comfort with a listening experience that changes to fit your environment, whether it’s a crowded restaurant or a quiet evening at home.

We offer 3 categories of hearing aids:

receiver in ear

Receiver-in-ear (RIE)

Most popular. Best for severe hearing loss. Small, nearly invisible casing sits behind the ear. Connected to a tiny component in the ear canal via a small transparent tube.

behind the ear

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Small and budget friendly. Worn behind the ear. Comfortable enough to wear all day. Matched to your hair and skin tone so they’re discreet and easily hidden. Suitable for all levels of hearing loss.

custom molds

Custom models (MIH, ITE, ITC, CIC)

Custom-fit to match your ear. Small size and the best sound quality and comfort. Worn in the ear canal. Ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Styles include: Mic-in-Helix (MIH), In-the-Ear (ITE), In-the-Canal (ITC) and Completely-in-Canal (CIC).

Whether you want comfort, a discreet look, reduced wind noise while you enjoy the outdoors, clearer conversations in noisy environments or the ability to stream music to your favorite smart device, there’s a Beltone hearing aid for you. We’ll discuss your lifestyle or hobbies, degree of hearing loss and personal preference to help you select the best, most comfortable style.

Beltone Amaze™ Hearing Aid

Beltone Amaze™ is our most versatile, feature-packed hearing aid. Enjoy an amazing hearing experience in all the moments of your life with clearer, richer and fuller sound. Easily control your hearing aid with a few taps on your smartphone or get remote support and updates no matter where you are.

Available in all styles, Beltone Amaze works for mild to severe hearing loss. It’s also fully rechargeable, easy to use and connects with all your devices.

Rich, Clear Sound

Hear birds singing, leaves rustling, grandchildren laughing and the textured tones of your favorite music better than ever, thanks to Beltone Amaze’s fast processing and extended bandwidth. The Impulse Noise Reduction feature automatically lowers loud or uncomfortable sounds, so the pleasant ones come through more clearly.

Quick Recharging

Thanks to Beltone Amaze’s integrated lithium-ion battery, you’ll never have to replace hearing aid batteries. Recharging is simple: Just place your hearing aids in the charger overnight and they’ll be ready to use in the morning. When fully charged, Beltone Amaze will last up to 30 hours. Forget to charge your hearing aids? No worries! A quick 30-minute charge will give you eight hours of use. And, the portable charger is easy to pack wherever you go.

Remote Support

Your hearing needs may change over time or you may have questions as you’re getting used to your new hearing aids. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Beltone Remote Care™ allows you to stay in close communication with your hearing care professional so they can adjust your hearing aids anytime to fit your specific needs.

If something needs to be adjusted, simply send a request to your hearing care professional with the free Beltone HearMax app. After evaluating your needs, your practitioner will send the new settings right to your smartphone to update your hearing aid. No office visit required!

Stream Music and Calls

Connect Beltone Amaze directly to your favorite devices to stream music, movies, and phone calls right to your hearing aid without losing sound quality. Android phone users can use Bluetooth Low Energy streaming to extend your battery life for up to 12 hours of streaming.

Discreet Control through the App

With the Beltone HearMax™ app, you can easily and discreetly control your hearing aids right from your smartphone. Adjust the programs, change the volume or speech focus, or even check the battery status with just a few taps on the screen.

Ready to Schedule?

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