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The Dangers of Auditory Deprivation, Pt. 2

Updated: Sep 06, 2019

Researchers at John Hopkins University recently concluded a study including many volunteers over the span of two decades. The research found that those with hearing loss at the beginning of the study were much more likely to develop dementia by the end of the study. Even mild hearing loss, when untreated, doubled the risk of dementia, and the greater the loss, the higher the risk.

Untreated hearing loss can also lead to depression. Over time the affected person grows tired of saying "huh" or "what did you say". After a while, they simply start withdrawing or shutting others out. The isolation can lead to depression.

So hearing loss is more than just hearing sounds. It's more than missing out on memories. Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids is food for your brain. It is mental exercise. Keep your brain stimulated! If you or someone you love is having hearing problems, call today for a free hearing evaluation at Beltone of Kansas.

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