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Leave a Google Review

Updated: Sep 07, 2019

Necessary First Step

If you already have a Gmail email address, you can skip this section and move onto "Leaving A Review"

In order to leave a review for us on Google, you must have a Google account. How would you know if you might already have a Google account? Do you have an email address? Does that email address end with "@gmail.com"? If it does, then you already have a Google account and can thereby leave us a review. This is not the only way to have a Google account, but it's probably the most common.

If you do not have a Google accountyou will need to first sign up for one. This is a very simple process that provides you with a Gmail email address in the end. First, go to the Gmail sign in page:


Since you do not already have an account, you can begin the proces of creating one by clicking on the words "create account". From there, just follow the instructions on screen to set up an account. Google will ask you to provide a recovery phone number or email address in case you get locked out of your account or forget your password. It is best to use a cell phone number in this situation.

Once you have your Google account set up, you can leave Beltone of Kansas a review!

Leaving A Review

If you do have a Google account, leaving a review is a very simple process. The following steps outline how to leave Beltone of Kansas a review.

  1. Open up a browser on your phone or desktop computer. Examples of browsers would Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to https://maps.google.comGoogle might ask if you'd like to download the Google Maps app. This is not required.
  3. Search for either Beltone Wichita KSBeltone Garden City KS, or Beltone Dodge City KS.
  4. A map will appear with red pins indicating our locations. Click on the pin for the office you wish to review.
  5. That should then bring up info about that store. Towards the bottom is the text, "Write A Review"
  6. Once you click this link, you may be asked to log in if you aren't already. Otherwise, you are now able to leave us a review.

Reviews are so crucial to a business' success, so we thank you greatly for taking the time to do this. Helping us with this allows others to more easily find us, thereby allowing us to have the chance to help them hear the moments that they've been missing. If you have any questions regarding the reviewing process, we are happy to help answer any questions!