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First Visit to Beltone

Updated: Sep 03, 2019

So you have finally made the decision to do something about it. For several years now, you have been finding yourself saying "huh?" a lot more, hearing more and more complaints from family and friends about having the TV turned up too loud and getting in arguments with a loved one because they mumble all the time while they are accusing you of "selective hearing."

It took you this long to get to this point, and now you have set an appointment at one of our several locations to get your hearing checked and you are starting to second-guess yourself. "What if I don't have a hearing loss and I am just wasting their time?" "How much is this going to cost?" "Why does the appointment take so long?" "What if they tell me I DO need hearing aids...what style should I get? Do they still look and squeal like the ones my parents had?"

We will begin simply by visiting with you. What brings you in today? What about your hearing are you starting to notice? What are loved ones saying?

We will follow this up with a complete physical examination of the ear. In some of our offices, we can even put it up on the computer screen so you can see for yourself if you like! Is the hearing loss simply due to wax plugging up the ear? Is there something more serious that might demand a doctor's attention?

If wax is an issue, we can help you with that. If the wax plug is extreme or there appears to be a more serious problem, we will refer you to a doctor before proceeding any further. Your health is our number one concern!

If everything is clear for a hearing evaluation, we will put you in a soundproof booth and give you a series of tests involving everything from hearing soft and loud tones to repeating words to listening to someone read a story and even listening to the bone vibrations in your head. From this, we will get a comprehensive, scientific view of the kind of hearing loss that you may be dealing with.

If you haven't made that decision to improve your quality of life, why not call one of our several convenient locations today?