The Beltone Tinnitus App Photo by Beltone

Beltone Tinnitus Calmer App

Updated: Sep 03, 2019

A new Beltone Tinnitus Calmer app is now available for download on iPhone®, iPad©, iPod© and Android© devices! The Tinnitus Calmer app uses a combination of Sound Therapy and relaxing exercises that aim to distract patients from focusing on their tinnitus. The app lets the user manage a library of personal sound therapy files, and it also tracks usage, so the user can determine what sounds work best. The app contains secondary stimuli, like colors, and audio exercises to help keep the patient’s mind occupied.

Download the App!

Tinnitus Calmer App via the Apple Store (iPhone)
Tinnitus Calmer App via GooglePlay (Android)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which phone models is the app available with? The app is available on iPhones running iOS 7 and upwards and on Android devices running Android v. 4.1 and upwards.
  • How do users get the app? Simply go to the App Store (on iPhones) or Google Play (on Android phones) and search for “tinnitus calmer” or “Beltone” or use the download links above.
  • How do I start a sound? Click a bubble on the main screen with soundscapes or go to the sound library form the menu screen
  • Can users import own sounds? Yes! Simply go to the Sound library and click “Import” in the top right-hand corner.
  • What file format do imported files need to be? The app can import all sound file format that are stored locally on the phone.
  • What is a soundscape? A soundscape can be created by mixing up to five different sounds. There are five predefined soundscapes and users can create their own.
  • What are the small bubbles on the main screen for? The small bubbles can be popped by tapping them. They are designed to provide a distracting and relaxing tangible exercise.
  • How do I set a color mood? The “Set color mood” option can be done when creating a new, or editing a soundscape. Simply press the “Set color mood” button and place your finger on the desired color on the color wheel.
  • Can I track my usage of the app? Yes. Select “My Usage” in the menu. It will show you the app usage for that day. By swiping to the right you can view 3 other usage displays: Yesterday, Past 7 days and Past 30 days.
  • Can I set a timer to automatically shut off the sound? Yes, in the menu, the top display bar offers 3 icon functions. Timer, L/R balance and edit a soundscape.